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Message from the President


As the last half of 2013 unfolds, the US coal industry still finds itself in a continued downward spiral in employment and production. It was stated just a few weeks ago that coal-related employment in Kentucky has now plunged to its lowest level since these records started being recorded in the 1920s. The tough market conditions seem to continue unabated, and I suspect we may see more employment reductions by the end of this year. Interestingly, the use and production of coal worldwide is at record levels and seems poised to continue in that direction. There is some light at the end of the tunnel.


The coal preparation industry has a very important role in sustaining a return to more prosperous times. With the application of our knowledge and expertise, along with training and educating the current and coming work force, we can better position companies to face the future in the coming months.


To that effort I am pleased to report that CPSA scheduled and presented its “Coal Prep 101 Course” this summer in the Midwest. The course focused on the fundamentals of Coal Preparation operations and techniques, and was taught by the well respected Dr. Rick Honaker of the University of Kentucky and Dr. Gerald Luttrell of Virginia Tech. The course was attended by 45 individuals from numerous companies in the Midwest and was sold out in less than a week. Plans are already underway to offer additional courses in the near future at strategic locations in the Eastern and Western States. Keep checking the CPSA website for more details.


It is CPSA’s plan to continue to spread the knowledge of Coal Preparation in our industry. Only those equipped with the best practices and knowledge will survive under the current market conditions. CPSA’s goal is to do its part to help educate our industry for the future.


The Society needs your support and input as we face the challenges ahead. Together we can lay the groundwork to move forward in a positive manner and overcome the roadblocks that may seem too large at this time. I am sure that we will find a way, as this industry always has in the past. Coal has been an integral part of our past progress and I have no doubt it will continue in that role in the future. .




Robert “Bob” Hollis

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