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You are registering for a Corporate Membership, be sure to check out the Member Benefits associated with this type of account on the Member Benefits page!

For Corporate Memberships there are 2 types:

  1. Individual Member under a Corporate Membership:
    An individual in your company has already registered a Corporate Membership with CPSA. You are signing up as an individual member under that Corporate Membership. Fill out the information to the right being sure to select the Individual Membership radio button. You will be prompted to choose your Company Name as well as enter the Umbrella Password for that Company. If you don't know the Umbrella Password for your Company, you will need to get in touch with either the Umbrella Password Holder from your company (if listed) or with an administrator.
  2. Corporate Membership:
    You will be purchasing a new Corporate Membership under which you can have multiple individual memberships, the specific number of individual memberships is based on the package type you have chosen. Once you have logged in you can set up those members yourself OR the preferred method of directing them to the CPSA site and getting them to sign up using method 1 above.
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